Why would I hide on my birthday?

Up until a couple of years ago I wasn’t all that comfortable with having my birthday published on Facebook….is that weird?

It might seem trivial seeing as it’s just social media, but when I paused to think why, I realised it was more than just a preference.

It’s like I felt that I don’t deserve to be wished ‘Happy Birthday’ by anyone except those in my immediate circle.

Is that my lack of self-worth in some weird way? I think so…

So this thought process was a catalyst. Sometimes it takes just ONE event, one situation, that makes you realise that something’s not right. That there’s a belief in there somewhere that’s quietly (actually, silently) telling you that you don’t deserve something.

Noticing, questioning, unpacking, and then changing….is the process.

Letting go of that old belief that you’re not worthy, you don’t deserve more or better, or that this is all you should expect. The good news is that this can shift quickly, and you can start feeling different, better, and that you can have more.

Your intuition is something that can effectively guide you, to help you notice what is holding you back or limiting you. You can improve your intuition, it just takes practise; as a counsellor once shared with me –

“Set your intention, then pay attention”.

Another way to let go is through Neuro Linguistic Programming which uses a number of techniques to tap into your unconscious mind to identify and release limiting beliefs such as lack of self-worth, destructive behaviours and those vicious cycles that you just can’t get out of, for example unhappy relationships and/or work, drama or health issues.

In order to live the life we truly want, to start moving towards and attracting those things to create our ‘best life’ we really need to pay attention to our beliefs and behaviours that are holding us back.

Sometimes aiming for ‘more’ on top of a whole lot of negative thoughts and destructive behaviours just masks what’s going on, or, can makes things worse.

I’m completely happy now to put my birthday on Facebook, to receive birthday wishes, to celebrate and be grateful – as just one of the many parts of embracing my self-worth.