5 Week Challenge

You’re invited to join our FREE 5-Week Challenge, which starts on Monday 1st October!

If you’re ready for a kick-start into improving your health, fitness and wellbeing for the sunny months then why not join us for our free 5-Week Challenge.

It includes:

  1. Goal Setting Worksheet – decide on your goal(s) for the 5 weeks and how to measure your progress.
  2. Wellbeing Diary – where you fill in your weekly routine, your measurements and weight if relevant.
  3. Workout Guide – where you record the results of your fitness benchmarks, a library of workouts you can do and helpful information on how to maximise your workouts.
  4. Nutrition Guide – guidelines on sensible nutrition for health and wellbeing, with guides on portion sizes and more, plus example meal plans and meal suggestions.

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If you want accelerated results, or if you are not able to increase your activity levels due to limitations I also offer a very effective programme ’30 Day Body Reset’ for under $300.

My clients have lost 10% of their starting bodyweight on this programme in the 30 days.  It includes:

  1. Mentoring and support
  2. Nutritional supplements
  3. Real food, real meals & snacks (no shakes or meal replacements)

Please contact me for more information and to see how this could benefit you.

Yours in health, Cristie.