Have you forgotten how to have FUN?

Have you been so busy that you’ve forgotten how to have fun…?

Sometimes we’re so busy adulting that we forget what really lights us up. When you’re asked ‘what do you for yourself, or for fun?’ do you go completely blank, perhaps bringing up a whole list of reasons why you don’t do anything for yourself – too busy, work is crazy, too tired….the list goes on.

If that sounds familiar, here’s something that might help.

If you have had a pretty good childhood* – think back to what you did when you were at school or as a little kid – what was FUN to you back then?

Maybe it was playing in the creek looking for tadpoles, riding your bmx, collecting stamps, debating club, calisthenics, dance, singing, playing the recorder (eek!), drama club, drawing, painting, pottery, lego, model planes/trains, swimming, dress-ups, sports, karate, playing pool, barbie dolls….anything!

When we’re kids (especially prior to age 7 or 8), we’re at our least self-conscious, it’s when we do what we want and love to do. So if we connect back with our younger selves we can rediscover what’s our version of fun.

If you think it’s a bit silly to get back into singing, dancing or whatever your ‘thing’ was – set aside judgement just for just 1/2 an hour and give it a go….you’ll be surprised how good you feel!

[*People with troubled childhoods/trauma may find it hard to recall this time in their lives or not want to; so in those instances this exercise may not work or be appropriate.]