Is your body like a dirty bath?

Picture a dirty bath. If you add a speck of dirt, a handful, or even a bucket full – would you even notice?

Now if you’ve got a clean bath and you add a speck of dirt – you would notice it immediately! (To get your body in that ‘clean bath’ state, we need to get all organs and systems working well, by avoiding stuff that doesn’t work for you).

Now imagine that dirty bath is your body.

The same thing can happen in your body – you don’t notice the ‘dirt’ being added when it’s already a ‘dirty bath’; however if you’re clean you notice as soon as you put something in your body that’s not right.

If you consume things (usually on a daily basis) that your body doesn’t recognise or can’t process, it builds up in your system. That’s the ‘dirty water’. That keeps getting dirtier. Except you don’t notice because it is building up gradually, over time. Your body’s not happy about it, but the symptoms are increasing gradually so you either dismiss them or tune out to them.

Symptoms are commonly –

> headaches, brain fog, fatigue, lack of energy, can’t get out of bed

> feeling sluggish, bloated, uncomfortable, water retention

> hot flashes, overheating, low sex drive

> gas, acid reflux, constipation or loose stools

> thrush/candida overgrowth

> muscle aches, sore joints, stiffness, slow muscle recovery from activity

> recurring infections: UTI’s, bladder, chest, ear, tonsils, appendix

> skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis

> reactions including hives, itchy skin

> food intolerances that you never had before, lack of appetite

> unexplained weight gain

and MANY more……

There’s only so much your body can cope with when it comes to the amount of ‘dirty water’ in your body and for how long it has been there, before it starts to affect organs and systems.

Perhaps you’re noticing symptoms but don’t know what to do about them?

Or you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or other condition, and there’s nothing you can do aside from life-long medication?

Left in limbo, not knowing how to help yourself with both symptoms and long term healing?

I can help you get to the root cause and we can work together to address, improve and in some instances resolve it. Through this process you also learn how to integrate a regime into your daily life to manage your health better.

To me it is imperative to treat the body as a whole, with many complex systems working together and affecting each other. After all, we are not cars where we just remove or replace the ‘worn and dodgy parts’, or just add a chemical to ‘balance it out’.

I’m a firm believer in taking ownership of our bodies, not handing over the responsibility solely to others. So by learning about our bodies and how they work we can tune in to those ‘whispers’ (that sometimes turn into screams) and make sure we take notice and do something about it – from a place of understanding, compassion and self-love.