InsideOut Programme

Change your thinking, to change your life.

What if your body is a product of your thinking?

You have the information, perhaps so much information that you’re overwhelmed and not sure what is right for you.

You’ve made plans countless times to change your diet, start a new exercise regime, to have a positive attitude and use that willpower to override every bad habit.

Too many weekly schedules created late on a Sunday night in an excel spreadsheet, put into your new diary – to get to the gym THIS Monday morning….but somehow you just can’t make it happen, or it just doesn’t stick.

Things always crop up – drama, unexpectedly getting sick, disasters at work or at home; all sabotaging your plans.

How do other people do it? How can it just happen for them day in and day out, stick to their routine easily and get the body and the life they want?

Well what if the secret ingredient you never knew, that’s keeping you stuck – is in your head.

And I don’t mean you should simply ‘get a positive outlook’; this is deeply-embedded programming that you have no idea is even there, that no matter your best intentions and willpower, it in many ways overrides everything you try to change.

We’re a product of our upbringing, the people in our lives, the places, experiences, what we’ve told repeatedly and what we have learned to believe since we were born.

These act like a magnet throughout our lives attracting more of what we believe and how we view the world. Piling on more reinforcement that we are a certain type of person, that we have to act a certain way, and that things essentially won’t change.

(there’s a lot more than this… this is just the tip of the iceberg)

So when you think about all the ways you’ve tried to change, and it just hasn’t happened, it might start to make more sense now.

Your body is the result of what you've believed, and thought, for all these years.

  • If you’re a workaholic.
  • If you’ve never been able to lose weight, or keep it off.
  • If you’ve always helped others at the expense of your own health and/or happiness.
  • If you’ve lived most of your life deep-down believing that you’re not good enough.
  • If you can’t give up chocolate, alcohol, coffee, sugar….or anything else you know feel addicted to.
  • If you’ve never felt secure or that you can truly trust in relationships.
  • If you’re not satisfied in your work or personal life, and this has been a recurring pattern.

Chances are you will find it hard to override these by ‘thinking differently’, and the cycle will continue.

As a Master Neuro-Lingustic Programming Practitioner, I guide you through a process of tapping into your unconscious mind where you can release what’s holding you back and allow you to see yourself, and the world, differently. Change can happen quickly in this process allowing clients to have profound breakthroughs.

If you're ready to change that broken record, to let go of what's been keeping you stuck and start designing a life you’re excited about - my six-week programme is designed for you.

'InsideOut' 6 Week Mindset Coaching Programme...

Sessions 1 & 2:

3 hours each

Sessions 3-6:

1 hour each