About Me

My name is Cristie Shuttleworth and I’m a qualified Women’s Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Clinical and Conversational Hynotherapist and founder of ‘My Own Kind” est. in 2009

More exercise just created more injuries and pain.

Strict diet plans made me feel deprived, depleted and unsatisfied.

Pushing harder in any way made me feel more stressed, bloated, sick, and angry.


Being diagnosed with a disease left me feeling disempowered and broken

Sound Familiar?

After becoming a Personal Trainer I quickly learned that to truly help women become content in their own skin getting the results they want, and living a healthy balanced lifestyle (rather than a fad, restrictive or unhealthy one) there was much more to this than just ‘more exercise and better nutrition’.

I discovered my own weight loss and health recovery required a different approach to the familiar “food+exercise” staples I had done in the past (that were no longer working for me). The ‘magic’ was in the process of letting go of my baggage and healing old wounds – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Through my own health challenges from a diagnosis of Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) in 2007, I discovered that a holistic approach was the key to realizing what wellbeing really means, to heal my body with understanding and kindness.

Whole foods, a Functional Medicine approach, Reiki, Mediation, NLP and Hypnosis have been key elements in my healing, so I have made these modalities an integral part of how I help my clients.

It’s the complexity of women which makes me so passionate about helping.

There just isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that works.

What works for your best friend or partner doesn’t work for you, and how can it – we are unique, each one of us.

Women are not just ‘small men’.

Our hormones, our bodies, even our fat stores are very different.

The way we are wired – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, is different to men.

So a regime that is designed for a man to get six-pack abs is not designed for a 40-year old woman.

In addition to that, a weight loss plan designed for a 20 year old woman is most likely not going to have the same results for a peri-menopausal 48 year old woman with 3 kids and a stressful job.

To be comfortable in your own skin, is to be kind to yourself; to understand your body and what’s happening on the inside – mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

I wish I had found someone like me, 15 years ago.

To listen, understand and see the whole picture of why you feel this way – holistically.

To meet you where you’re at and start there.

To give guidance in what to do less and more of, and what you can cope with, knowing what will be beneficial to you for the long-term.

To be available for support in between sessions.

To be your advocate.

To help you learn how to be kind to yourself; it’s important to learn what it means to be kind to you.

To provide a results-focused strategy to let go of old habits and self-sabotage patterns, creating a better lifestyle to support your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life.

So, are you ready to have a rewarding and peaceful relationship with your body ( and whole life really? Free yourself from the body and psyche dramas? Create true sustainable well being, feel peace and contentment in your life – with my unique approach and FINALLY feel invigorated and vibrant in your health ( and life)? Me too. Let’s get started.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you.

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My Qualifications include:

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach L1 (Paul Chek Institute)
  • MyMT ™ Menopause Health Coach
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming & Timeline Therapy ™ Master Practitioner
  • Clinical and Conversational Hypnotherapist, Diploma
  • Functional Medicine Mentorhship (2019 -2023, Functional Medicine Services)
  • Menofitness Certificate - Health and fitness for pre, peri and post-menopause
  • Reiki l and ll
  • Pre & Post-Natal Health & Fitness
  • Certificate lll & lV in Fitness, Master Trainer
  • Rehab Trainer and Master Rehab Trainer